Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Old habits

Tonight I had to head into Berkeley after work. I had been planning to do some more cleaning. And then the building owner called me yesterday because he wanted to do a quick walk-through to see if there were any repairs necessary before he rented it out to the next tenant. Good news is that the only thing about which he had concern were a couple of stains on the carpet. I told him that I was going to attempt to get them out before vacating. And then he told me how much he plans to rent the apartment for -- $500 more than what I had been paying. Gotta love the rent control.

Not much cleaning actually happened. Mainly because there has not been a garbage pickup since I was there on Sunday. Silly me forgot that there won't be a pickup until tomorrow. And then I kept running into old neighbors who wanted to chat. I'll miss them all.

When I finally headed out, it was 7:30. And that meant that Poulet was still open. But they were sold out of roasted chickens. So I settled on the chicken breast stuffed with asparagus. And my fave college student was working the counter. We chatted about my move. And because they were closing soon, he let me have the two remaining chicken breasts at two for one. And there was carrot cake. I think I'm going to have to go back at least once a month for a visit.


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