Monday, November 24, 2008

Silly me

Friday after starting to unpack the endless boxes at work, I headed out to have my roots touched up. On the way home, I realized that I should have taken one of the dolls from Zombie Mom so that I could make sure the clothing fits properly. So after wine and much laughing, I headed home.

I did the usual thing of feeding the cats first before settling in. There I was, poised with remote control and book -- The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society in case you're interested -- when I noticed something was amiss. No cigarettes. So out I headed with no shoes to my car to retrieve them. I re-entered my building with no problem. But quickly discovered that there was no longer a key to my apartment on the key chain. It had fallen off somewhere. After searching outside, I quickly surmised that the key was inside my apartment.

I collapsed by the front door, all the while hearing Boris scratching and mewing on the other side of the door. I straightened a wire ring from my key chain and attempted to pick the lock. Alas, my lock picking abilities have disappeared. One of my neighbors let me in to use the phone. He called the emergency service number. They said to call a locksmith. I called a few. Prices ranged from $150 to $200. I decided that I'd rather not spend money that way. At first I was going to sleep in my car but it was a rather chilly evening on Friday. I then headed back the warmer hallway.

Finally around 2:00 AM I decided to do the three block or so trek to Random Boy's apartment. Fortunately I had left a pair of shoes in my car so I put those on first. And put my hood on my head. And tried my best to look as tough as possible. Fortunately he is a light sleeper and answered the door quickly. Might have something to do with the fact that for once on a Friday night, he was sober.

Saturday morning I headed back to my building and got the number to the building manager who lives in another building a block away. She had something on the stove so if I could run down there, she'd be more than happy to give me a key.

The lesson here? Time to find another neighbor to entrust with my spare key.


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