Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sometimes it comes from other people

Originally I had thought of calling this "A week at Poulet."

It all started on Monday night. I don't know if I've mentioned it before (and I'm too lazy to look) but my company moved this past week. Everything had to be packed by the end of the day Thursday. This left me with little, if any, energy when I got home from work.

Monday night I popped over to Poulet because the special was coq au vin. But before I could order I saw the desserts -- apple tart and chocolate chip bread pudding. I was at a loss. Finally I ordered both. And then I ordered the coq au vin because I did need something to go with the desserts.

Tuesday night I went back with another idea. I was inspired by Abby's post but they didn't have any of the grilled chicken breasts. They did have chicken breast with a mustard and vermouth cream sauce served with butternut squash though. And apple galette.

Thursday night I went back in search of grilled chicken breasts. They had them -- as well as Cordon bleu chicken rollups and carrot walnut cake. And Waldorf chicken salad that I bought for lunch on Friday.

Saturday night I finally got around to Abby's "recipe." She said that she doesn't really think of it as being a recipe because it involves cans of things. I decided to take the non-recipe thing one step further by using chicken that had already been cooked -- by someone else. And it almost didn't happen because I spent a panicked ten minutes trying to locate the enchilada sauce. (See, Nat? Sometimes we all have those days. And as evidenced above, I don't know how I'd survive without Poulet.)

And this week? Normally I'd be busy shopping for Thanksgiving. This year, I decided to not cook though. Instead I placed an order when I was at Poulet on Thursday night. I'll be picking up my food Wednesday evening.

Perhaps soon I'll get back to cooking but for now my energy is all into unpacking at work and the great sewing project. One good thing about not cooking? This past week for the first time in some time, I was able to wear my size 4 khakis from Old Navy and they remained comfortable throughout the day. So maybe it's about a little heavy lifting and not eating my own cooking.


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