Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coming together

I am back on track with the whole weight loss thing. This past week I have been eating primarily seafood, fruits and veggies. So I was really excited when flipping through the weekly ads to see that mahi mahi was on special.

So of course mahi mahi must be accompanied by a salsa made of avocado, supremed tangelos, red onion and jalapeno. I had all this in mind when I checked in to see what was going on in Cookiecrumb's kitchen. Yep, more supremed citrus.

The salad thing got me thinking. Usually when I make this, I put the salsa on top of the fish. But I always make too much of the salsa and end up tossing the rest with lettuce for a salad. Salads are a daily part of my diet these days. (I realized that I needed to increase the amount of fiber in my diet and salads are an easy way. I now average about 20 grams a day but would love to get it up to 30 grams.) Thing is that I've been in a salad rut. Romaine with the occasional spring mix. Next thing you know, I was remembering Zoomie's mention of butter lettuce. (It was not the main topic of the particular post but that one little mention has stuck with me.) Butter lettuce would make the perfect bed for the salsa.

This was the perfect lunch for a Saturday in which I spent a great deal of time procrastinating about things that really needed to be done -- like mopping and vacuuming. If only I could train the cats to take care of these things for me.


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