Sunday, January 3, 2010

Taking one for the team *

If you have been reading my stuff over the last couple of months, then you know that I have had a cacophony of thoughts colliding in my head -- because yes, my thoughts are quite loud. At least to me.

I awoke this morning and read the lovely item that Zoomie shared. And this collided with a something I heard during the "House" marathon yesterday. Thirteen was giving a patient a hard time. The woman responded with something along the line of, "We can aspire to many things but that doesn't mean that we get them." And for me that went hand-in-hand with the article that Zoomie shared. Sometimes we delay things because it's just not perfect yet.

Often I mention to friends things that I would like to do. But it doesn't fit into their schedule right at that moment. Next thing you know years have gone by because you're waiting for the planets to align for someone else. No more of that.

That's how I found myself heading over to Alameda today. I have sampled the fine goods from Hangar One in local bars but had somehow never made it to the distillery -- which is something like a 15 to 20 minute drive from home for me. Unforgivable.

The distillery sits on the old Alameda naval base and these are the views from the parking lot.

I timed my visit so that not only could I do the tasting but I could also go on the distillery tour as well. The tour was entertaining and informative -- and free. I went for their premium tasting -- 14 alcohols including absinthe. I now have several favorites including their Buddha's Hand vodka as well as their Kaffir Lime vodka. Both need no mixer whatsoever. But yeah, 14 alcohols and no food? Kind of rough.

But don't think that I forgot y'all. That's right. Another giveaway. Leave a comment here with your email address -- if I don't already have it -- and you are entered to win this lovely shaker set I picked up. The drawing will close at midnight on Friday. If you're a night owl like myself that means in the middle of what most folks would consider Thursday night. Or I'll just keep it for myself.

As for me? I'm going to see about putting some food in my stomach. And figuring out when I will be returning.

When I set out earlier today, I had titled this post something entirely different. Then after tasting the brandies, vodkas, liqueurs and absinthe, I knew that title was entirely wrong.


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