Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A few weeks ago some of my coworkers started a biggest loser challenge. I am not participating. Yes, I still would like to lose some more weight but at this point I am more concerned with being healthy than the number on the scale. Of course I suppose that is a luxury that one has when one's BMI is somewhere between 19 and 20.

I love all things dairy and have spent the past week or so reintroducing ice cream into my diet. The stuff pictured? Cherry Garcia. Homemade. Because it is the start of cherry season. Bing cherries and fair trade dark chocolate. The cream part of it could have had more cherry flavor in my opinion. Not bad for a first attempt though. I have at least another month to perfect it.

And yes, I actually ate the ice cream pictured. Well half of it. If I had not succumbed to the extra large chili dog from Sonic earlier in the day for lunch, I would have eaten it all. But now it's all about having tastes of things instead of sitting down and eating an entire pint as a meal.


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