Friday, June 4, 2010

Supporting role

How we ate changed drastically once my mom divorced my dad. It started off with little things -- lowfat instead of whole milk, wheat instead of white bread. (I still feel that squishy white bread has its place though, namely with fried fish or barbecue. Kind of irks me that now places give you wheat. Just not the same.) My mom also toyed with idea of us becoming pescatarians like her younger sister. My mom only saw one problem with that though. Occasionally she was going to need a pork chop. I quite agree.

Now I had planned on cooking this up earlier in the week but I just didn't have the energy to light up the grill. Next thought was to cook the chops on the grill pan indoors but what about the asparagus? The asparagus deserved to feel flame. But I don't think that the chop is really the star here; instead it's all about giving the peach salsa a home. Because this week has been about fruit for me.

And I'm looking forward to getting home tonight to have leftover chop and salsa. And maybe a little ice cream after.