Thursday, December 4, 2008

But where are the creations?

In my mind these days. Still settling in at the new office; things will be much better there when the friggin' T1 is finally installed. And my home is in desperate need of cleaning -- a result of the emotional slump. I cannot create in mess. Probably because I know that I'll just end up creating more mess. But I need to deal with the mess because it's like the neverending cycle. Perhaps Saturday. Right now it's just too much to handle after working all day. Or perhaps I should just go my aunt's route and hire a cleaning service. But I'd have to clean before I'd let any cleaning service in.

In the meantime, I've been busy exploring the new work neighborhood. When we have an internet connection, I look for new restaurants to try.

Yesterday's choice was Mama Lupe's Cocina. I tried their large combo of chile relleno and chicken enchiladas. These are the items I usually use for testing a Mexican restaurant. I figure that if they fuck these up, then everything else is going to be awful as well. But all the online reviews of the place were pretty positive. The receptionist at work was quite curious when I returned with my food. She marveled at how the enchiladas were not drowned in a heavy sauce. By the end of the day after seeing and smelling my food, she asked me to see the menu that I had. And then I called them to find out the pricing on the tamales for Christmas. (They have a sign in their window advertising them.) $15.50 for a dozen and $3.50 for the sauce. I may just have to order a dozen or two.

Because as if you haven't guessed it already, I will be returning there. Perhaps once a week. And next time I'll have to try the tamales. Or the chile verde. Or the albondigas. Since online reviewers seemed to like those items quite a bit.


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