Thursday, December 18, 2008

May karma kick you in the ass

Not all of you. Just those asshats who have been on the road over the last few days. Combine rain and the holiday season in the Bay Area and you have enough to induce something beyond road rage.

I reached my peak of tolerance last night. After work, I headed to my local Safeway on the way home. All I wanted was some wine. But the lot was packed. This never happens. And people were doing some really stupid driving maneuvers in the lot. About the time a space opened up, I had given up. I just didn't want to witness the carnage when one of these fools rammed a vehicle into that of another of the fools. It was time to head home.

And then I remembered that Poulet carries wine. Besides I needed to stop in there to drop off my holiday order. (I told you that I would be ordering from there. And I know it will be soooo good.) But I felt strange about just buying wine there. I mean I had pie. And the receptionist at work had told me that it was perfectly acceptable to have just pie and wine for dinner but... I wanted to try the duck shepherd's pie but it was being served with brussel sprouts. Oh hell to the no. They didn't even have butter on them. So I went with the chicken Waldorf salad. And then I spotted that beauty -- the one in the photo. Oh hell. Throw that in as well. By the time I got home I had forgotten what the stuffing was so I had to dive in. I found polenta, cubed eggplant, and tomatoes. Have I mentioned my love of eggplant recently? Well, in case you've forgotten, I love the stuff. So yeah, one day I may have to try to recreate this yumminess.

Oh, and please bear with me. I just recently migrated my comments. As a result, I will be finally making those changes to my template over the next week that some of y'all have pointed out as well as those necessary to make comments the way that I want them. Ya know? Those of y'all who use IE since the text in posts seems to do some weird shit in IE. I know. I looked at this blog at work where I am forced to live in IE hell. But next week I have some time off and I think it will be time to do some maintenance around here. In between partying.


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