Sunday, February 1, 2009

A crazy thing happened this weekend. I left the house. And now I have so much to tell y'all but I think it's too much for one post so let me split it all up.

The fun began Friday night. After my aunt's death, family members asked me if there was anything of hers that I wanted. There was -- this one piece of furniture. The problem was how to safely transport it to my place. A couple of weeks ago my dad's cousin let me know that she knew a guy who could. She didn't have his phone number with her at the time. And then I sat back and waited. Until Wednesday.

Now remember how I went to Arby's? Well, that was not my primary reason for being in that part of town. This item that I had seen on Pier One's website was.

Yes, I already had a bed. But that one was crap. The frame was barely in one piece and I never was that thrilled with the headboard. I had wanted a bed like this at the time I bought the other one. I just couldn't afford it then. Funny thing is that this one only cost me $15 more than the other one due to the great sale.

So I called the hauling guy when I got back to the office. He met me at the store Friday night to pick up the bed and then we headed to my aunt's house. Basically everything else had already been cleaned out from the house. It seemed strange and surreal.

I was greatly relieved to see the piece arrive safely in Berkeley. Now the only question is what to put inside of it.


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