Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jealous no more

This morning I happened to be perusing the internet, updating my private wishlist (Things I wish I had and intend to buy for myself one day), when I discovered the Pier One was having a huge clearance sale. And one of the items on my list was something like 75% off. I decided that meant an early lunch. And then I decided to check to see what restaurants were near the store.

Imagine my elation to discover that there was an Arby's nearby. Some of y'all might not understand but sometimes I get real jealous hearing David go on and on about his Arby's feast. See, I thought they were no longer in the area.

I used to be a roast beef sandwich with horsey sauce and curly fries dipped in Arby's sauce kind of girl. Today I ventured out. I tried the jalapeno bites and the loaded potato bites. Next time I'm going to skip the jalapenos and go for a larger order of the potato bites. Now if you're not familiar with those little mouthfuls of loveliness, they are like a small deep-fried hash brown triangle -- that have been stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon. I think I have found my new fast food favorite.

Oh, and I'm no longer jealous of David, because I can get my Arby's on all the time now.

P, b.


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