Monday, January 5, 2009

A red wine kind of night

Silly me thought that I wouldn't have any blog posts after last night's for many days to come. That's what happens when I think.

Yeah, that's my baby. I was making my way across town from work to the freeway when suddenly a woman made a left turn into me. I'm OK. But look at my poor car. And now I have to deal with getting a rental car until it is repaired. Because the cops told me that they thought I should only drive it on the streets. Something about freeway speeds may cause the wheel well to rub the tire and puncture it. So yeah, I had a nice scenic drive home through the streets of East Oakland and other picturesque parts of the East Bay.

I had planned to stop at the grocery store on my way home because I needed cat litter. I was drained and wanted to go straight home at that point. But I didn't. Instead I stopped at the store for the litter. And a bottle of red wine.


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