Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Tonight I actually showed up for the first session of the exercise class I registered for last week. As I told Zombie Mom, it has the benefit of starting just late enough that I can go there straight from work without rushing but early enough that I don't have time for a pit stop at home. The instructor seems knowledgeable and the other folks in the class seem really low-key and cool. In other words, I think I'll continue showing up every Tuesday and Thursday nights over the next ten weeks.

I realized while I was at work this afternoon that I had nothing ready in the fridge for dinner tonight. (Shush. Stop mentioning the freezer.) So I quickly perused the menu at Gregoire and wrote down my selection. Then when I left class, I phoned in my order. Pictured is the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with mustard sauce. If you could marry food, I'd marry this dish. And of course, I got my standard potato puffs. And this month's bread pudding -- vanilla with caramel sauce.

What? No, I am not doing the diet thing. I like to think that I already eat pretty healthy. I'd just like to keep eating like I have.


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