Monday, January 19, 2009

What to say?

I had thought of posting more food from Gregoire but really now. This is supposed to be about my creations and all for the most part. So no Gregoire food. Although the duck was tasty. And the smashed Red Bliss potatoes topped with cheddar cheese? Well, they did manage to mix two of my favorite foods in one dish. Now if they had added bacon to the mix... Ummm yeah. If that had happened, I don't think I would be here. I'd be in a coma somewhere. The overload of serotonin and all.

Meanwhile I'm slogging along. There's stuff I'd love to talk about but not quite yet. Hopefully soon. And yes, I have to work today. But not tomorrow. Because tomorrow should be a national holiday as well. I'm just hoping that the folks in Chocolate City have not lost their minds completely with all this excitement in an extended weekend. What am I saying? It's D.C. Not like it's Oakland. Not to hate on Oakland but folks there tend to get a little bit riled up over the smallest of things. Like losing a spot to the Super Bowl. International Boulevard was on fire that night. Seriously. But I love that my peeps in Oakland feel so passionately about stuff.

This past week I read a really cool article from the New York Times. Go check it out. I'll still be here. Did you read it? Cool, right? So maybe I'll finally really get that dialogue that I've been wanting for the oh past 20 years or so. Because after all of this, if folks are not ready to converse honestly (Notice I did not say "conversate" even though I love my skank TV viewing?), then Nat may just have to get a room ready for me. This is serious stuff, y'all. I don't do winter. But stuff around here over these last few years had had me so freaked out that I might just have to suffer. Because that suffering is better than what we have been through.

Oh and speaking of folks who have had to suffer, check out this post quoting Al Sharpton. Normally I am not down with Al, but then Zombie Mom sent me this same quote -- before it appeared on the blog. I think Al has managed to sum up a lot of frustration quite well.

Oops. I'm not supposed to be discussing politics, am I? Well tomorrow there will be food. And a day later than usual, there will probably be the media day.

But for now I'm going to sit around humming a certain Paula Abdul song.


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