Saturday, September 19, 2009

The month (to date) in food and drink

So yeah, it's been almost a week since I promised y'all a post. And I had lots of ideas but just wasn't feeling the posting thing. Instead I'll just give y'all some quick highlights and maybe then I'll be able to get back to regular posting. Oh, and there will be a little bit more than food and drink. But you've got to get to the end for that.

Labor Day weekend meant my usual stint with Dumb and Dumber. And being back in Berkeley? Made me instantly think of food.

The first night I picked up dinner from Gregoire. Pork chop stuffed with pecans and blue cheese. Ummm. Yeah. I'll be trying to duplicate this at home in the future.

The second night I went to visit my peeps at Poulet. I wasn't in to the special that night so I got some of their garlic rosemary chicken with some sides, including an incredible dish of green beans with farro and pecans and some polenta. And lucky me, they had my favorite carrot-walnut cupcakes.

I received my first shipment from Viansa.

The following weekend I headed up to Sacto to spend some quality time with dad. This time I managed to remember that there was a Jimboy's in his neighborhood.

And before leaving dad's house, I did a little shopping.

Now we keep having these heatwaves out here. In fact we're starting another one as I type this. But before going to dad's, I kept thinking about mussels. I wanted something different than my usual though so I did some searching and settled on this.

I bought the ingredients on my way back from Sacto because the recipe calls for creme fraiche and stores in Oakland seem to have some aversion to the stuff. But Berkeley is on the way home from Sacto now and I knew where I could find the stuff. Yeah, I know. It's just plain crazy to go into Berkeley Bowl on a Saturday but I really wanted the stuff. Oh, and I substituted Pacific snapper for the halibut. Yum!

But the big change was at the beginning of the month, I got rid of the OPH. Now it's just the hair that I grew on my own. And yeah, I spent some time going through photos but decided on the one with the squinty right eye. Because I know that when that happens, I am truly smiling and not pretending to smile.

And I hope to be back a little more regularly. Because I now have loads of recipes that I'd like to try.


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