Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The sincerest form of flattery

Earlier this month I had an incredible pork chop from Gregoire. But it was simple at the same time. So simple that I thought I might be able to duplicate it. Because the "problem" with Gregoire is that they change their menu each month. Fall in love with something? You'll never have it again after that month has ended unless you can duplicate it yourself. This time the love was so great that I had to make an attempt.

What you see is a pork chop stuffed with blue cheese and pecans. I'll tell you how I chose to make it but for the most part there will not be any measurements.

I chopped some pecans into a bowl and mixed them with some crumbled blue cheese. The chops? The label on the package said that they were king chops. Basically they were a double chop. Once I determined where the bone was, I cut a slit into the chops going toward the bone. And then I stuffed them with the cheese and nut mixture. Just some salt and pepper on the outside.

The chops were served with a jus. For this reason I decided to throw them in the oven. Now the jus was flavored with shallots but when I got home, I discovered that all of mine were moldy. In the place of the shallots, I diced half of a yellow onion and spread it around the bottom of a baking dish. I then threw in some sprigs of fresh thyme and covered it with some chicken broth. Then I put the rack into the pan upon which I laid the stuffed chops. About halfway through I turned the chops so that they could brown on both sides.

Tastewise I think I came pretty damn close. Now I'm thinking that I should get around to copying those other dishes that I have loved over the years from Gregoire.


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