Friday, September 25, 2009

Pure evil

... or why my ass keeps getting bigger.

When I think of San Leandro, I don't necessarily think of it as a destination city. I mean, how much could there be in the city to draw people to it? That's what I used to think before the company for which I work moved to the fine city almost a year ago.

Industrial in San Leandro seems to mean something different than it does in San Francisco. I decided this when one of the first places I found after the move was the Otis Spunkmeyer factory -- and factory store. One dozen fresh baked cookies for $4.25. Evil I say.

To date I have been able to avoid the next form of evil I have spotted around town. The fine folks of Kraft Foods also have a factory in town. And nearby there is an Entenmann's factory store.

Today I succumbed to one of the other evils in town. Yes, the fine folks of Ghirardelli also have a factory here. And once more, it is complete with a factory store. The first thing I noticed upon getting out of my car was the smell of chocolate in the air. I took this as a good sign and headed in. What did I find? Most of the chocolates were about 45% off of retail. I'm thinking that this could be a bad thing to know. All I know is that I managed to leave the store with only spending $10. But there were many things in there that caught my eye for future trips.

I'm starting to give up on the idea that my ass is ever going to get smaller. Because these days I have little willpower if any.

(For those of you who are now hankering to head on over to San Leandro, the factory is located at 1111 139th Street, between East 14th and Washington.)


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