Friday, February 12, 2010

A good start

As I warned you earlier in the week, I have hit the road once more. This time I'm in Pismo Beach. I had originally planned on staying in nearby Avila Beach but by the time I got around to making reservations, everything there was pretty much booked up. I know. Who would expect that to happen on a holiday weekend? I could have had a oceanfront room for last night but then I would have had to move to another room. Just didn't seem worth it. Perhaps next time. I was able to get this view from my balcony this morning though. Yes, there is a balcony -- with a private hot tub.

But this was the real selling point for me as many of the hotels in this area are on/near the beach. I often skip the "free" breakfast at hotels because they require you to exit your room to claim this meal. These folks instead leave a card so that you can order the previous night and deliver in the time window that you have designated. I know at least one person who would love this.

I can hardly wait to start the rest of my day as I have a few adventures planned.


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