Monday, February 15, 2010

The second P

As the daughter of a guy who has spent all his post college years working for utility companies, it's only natural that I remember places for things power-related. And what do you know? In my research prior to my trip I found out about the Pecho Coast trail. Most of this trail crosses land owned by PG&E and the trail starts at the gate to Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. One of the first things that one passes on the trail are radiation detectors. The trip is 7.5 miles round trip and includes a 440 foot change in elevation. It's not necessarily for the feint of heart.

There was lots of native foliage to be seen along the way.

And fantastic views of San Luis Bay.

The trail ended at this lighthouse that is being restored to what it was in 1890.

And then it was back to the trail. And I totally kept up. In fact at times the pace could have been faster for me. Not sure if I'll do this hike again in the future. Perhaps I'll give the Point Buchon trail a try next time -- especially since you can actually see the plant from this one.


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