Saturday, February 27, 2010

Old friend

One of the hard things about leaving Berkeley was leaving behind some of my favorite places at which to dine. Of course over these last few months I hadn't given it much thought. But I have this habit. During the workday, I chat with Fluffycat on Facebook. We share links to things we find interesting. Her links can run the gamut while mine are usually menus. A couple of weeks ago I sent her the link to the February menu for Gregoire and she decided that she simply had to have this month's bread pudding. Oh, and maybe an entree as well. So last night we headed to Gregoire -- in Oakland because it's closer to my home and a little bigger than the Berkeley location. And while the Oakland location is a short drive away, it's just not the same as being able to walk to the Berkeley location.

I had the braised and seared pork shoulder in bourbon and pear ...

while Fluffycat had the Ecuadorian shrimp with harissa sauce.

And naturally I had my usual potato puffs but Fluffycat decided that to try to the potato gratin with green garlic.

Then there was dessert. And they were out of the bread pudding. Oh the horror. And while Fluffycat was pleased with her other choice, I think there may need to be another trip to Gregoire so that Fluffycat can experience the bread pudding. It just won't be coffee flavored.


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