Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Beth asked recently when I was going to let y'all see the new place. Well, here's a preview of the work in progress.

Last Saturday was a busy day of cleaning the fireplace...

potting plants...

and putting together my new computer desk and chair.

My handyman has been busy as well. The first thing he did was to install the new light fixture. This is so pretty that now I don't want to take my old furniture with me and have been shopping for new stuff. Luckily my mom has said that she'll pay for one or two chairs as my housewarming gift. I think I can get my dad to pay for the rest. (Stop calling me Veruca.)

His next major project was the counters. (Please ignore the ugly shade. It no longer exists.) Sorry but I don't do formica. And once the old counter came out, I had to get a new sink. And a new faucet. And a new garbage disposal.

I also decided that it was time to move up as far as TV is concerned. He was kind enough to mount everything for me. Oh, and the shelving unit? I was supposed to be buying it off of one of the guys from work. When he brought it in, he said that his wife told him to tell me it was my housewarming gift -- as long as I invite them to the party.

And look at this beauty. Doesn't it just scream, "Create wonderful things!" I had wanted to share the new fridge with y'all as well but they brought the wrong one last weekend and will redeliver this Saturday.

Hmmm. I may owe y'all some more photos after the weekend since my piano is also being delivered. And a week from Saturday I actually move in.


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