Thursday, March 19, 2009


First of all, a reminder. The creativity will start flowing again once I move. Which should hopefully be in about a month or so if everything continues to go as it has. In the meantime, I've been spending a lot of time on Facebook catching up with old friends and some new ones as well.

Last weekend hanging out with high school friends I was reminded of one thing -- you can take the girl out of Richmond but you can't take Richmond out of the girl. They may be closing my high school. Many from my class think it's a good thing. According to my friends, we were one of the last classes to graduate from the place while it was still decent. And then there's that prison thing. Every time I've taken someone past the place, they say the same thing. "That was your high school? It looks like a prison." I pointed out Saturday night that not only did we get a fine academic education but we also got an education in some survival skills.

I wasn't born in Richmond. Heck. We didn't even move there until I was three. (Prior to that we lived in Berkeley and Bend.) Since most of my childhood was spent there though, I have always considered it to be my hometown. And for this reason, I joined the Facebook group devoted to my city. And then I found this gem. That's right. A blog devoted to my city. OK. So maybe y'all are not as excited about it as I am. Unfortunately when the semester ended, it seems these two students stopped writing.


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