Thursday, March 26, 2009

Possibly Still the #1 Bitch

And yes, this is coming from a woman who rarely watches sports. But I have a dad who is a sports junkie. I've also sat next to the man at a blackjack table. He understands odds very well.

So I just finished reviewing the results of tonight's NCAA championship games. Nat, that would be American college basketball. The rest of y'all? March Madness.

Before the whole thing started, I submitted my bracket based upon my father's recommendations. Seriously. Five minutes or so on the phone with my dad and then I laid my money down. And going into this round, I was in first place in the office. That's right. The chick who doesn't watch basketball was in first. But I understand the game. And I understand statistics. And I grew up around a bunch of guys (my dad's family) who treated me as their intellectual equal in just about everything and they still do. Sure. I may not have firsthand knowledge of the topic but they have always believed that I had the ability to understand. Even if they feel the need to sit on the front porch to ward off potential suitors who just may see a pretty face. These guys, just like my mom, taught me that pretty gets you in the door; it's the rest of what you have to offer that allows you to stay. (And on a tangent, the older I get, the less makeup I wear. Some friends have said that I am pretty enough to pull this off. But that's not my point of origin. For me, it's all about, "This is who I am. Accept it.")

My mom will tell you that this is why I am still single. She will tell me that I am just like my aunt -- waiting for a man who well measure up to the men in my family. Because they are good-looking, intelligent men. Who know that I can dish it out just as fast as they do. But whom I also know will always have my back. Because even though they may occasionally try to tell you otherwise, they do think of me as a princess in need of their protection in their minds. And the guys with whom I work? It's just like being around family. Huh. I just realized that every one of the guys at work is either exactly like one of the men in my family personality-wise or the amalgam of two family members.

But yeah. Dad made only one mistake today. He chose Memphis over Missouri. And now I just might be fucked. Because I had Memphis in the final two. *sigh* It's a good thing that the idea in the office is that the winner buy pizza and/or drinks for everyone else. But no more pomegranate margaritas for me. Unless it's a Friday night.


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