Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love Stan

I know that I have previously posted this video -- if you read that other blog. Thing is the song still haunts me as it has for many years.

Marin will tell you that I am a stuffer. I stuff certain emotions into whatever corner of my mind. Thing is I never deal with them. And then one day it all comes spilling out. I've been pretty close to that point these days. Because being the true control freak that I am, I also want to control how the stuff comes out. If at all. Because I am the queen of compartmentalization. That's the scary thing about Facebook. The idea that my many worlds could finally meet up.

How was Kiki born? From trying to make others happy at the sacrifice of self. And now I'm dealing with the anger born from that sacrifice. I did it in the past with a smile because my aunt told me to. But now she's not here. So why continue that horrid habit?

Why say that you're happy when you're not just because it will make it easier for others? Would they do the same for you?


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