Monday, March 23, 2009

More hometown love

Yesterday I did indeed return to Seabreeze for more crab. This time around I also picked up dessert -- a yummy pineapple coconut cake. (Yes, there was red velvet available as well but that's rarely my first choice.) Per usual, I read the label to see who had made this slice of yumminess -- Cassandra's Wedding Cakes in Richmond. And that got me thinking.

I rarely purchase desserts. Some of my favorites though are the lovely creations from the folks at Rubicon. And when I buy a Rubicon product, I also have the satisfaction that I am doing something socially positive as well. And I guess after this weekend's events, I find myself thinking even more about doing things that have a positive social impact. Because it seems like whenever the East Bay makes the national news it's because someone has been killed.


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