Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yesterday was my day to treat myself. First I went to get a new 'do. (Perhaps there will be photos -- after the eyebrows are dealt with.) Then I headed to Gregoire's. I tried the portabello, grilled onion, and goat cheese on puff pastry tart. Oh, and the braised and seared pork shoulder with Fuji apple and honey. Both were yummy. And yes, Fluffycat, I did get the bread pudding. Haven't eaten it yet since I need to throw it in the oven. (Somehow when I got my order it had soup instead of the bread pudding. I said that I was more than happy to bake it myself at home.)

There was some other stuff that happened today that I had thought about going into but I realized that in some ways I'm still processing the guilt, pain and anger. Because basically I got called selfish/self-absorbed today because over the last few months I've had the audacity to take care of me before taking care of other people. So now I'm off to deal with it all in my usual way -- cooking.


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