Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hidden gem

It seems that there were only two takers on Sunday's contest -- David Dust and Maddie. Well, they were both correct and since I bought two items for prizes, they will each be receiving their prize soon.

The most time I spent at any one location on Sunday in my travels was at Filoli. Numerous movies and TV shows have used the estate for filming but as Maddie correctly surmised, I was looking for Dynasty. And yes, what many think of as the home of the Carringtons is actually Filoli.

I started off with the self-guided tour of the house.

And then it was on to the gardens. I didn't cover all of them. Apparently there are 16 acres of gardens.

I wrapped up my visit with lunch in the cafe. While eating, I thought about returning. And so I became a member. That way if I want to get out and am stuck for an idea, I can just pop over for a quick visit.


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