Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What was meant to be

This was supposed to have been dinner on Sunday but the zucchini patties were too filling. So it became Monday's dinner.

Just as I knew what would become of the zucchini I bought in Sebastopol, I also knew what would become of the chard. It needed lamb. With rosemary and a balsamic sauce. The sauce is supposed to be for the lamb but I find that in some ways it's tastier on the chard. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I grew up putting vinegar on greens.

Sorry. Just lost my train of thought. Oh. Natasha says hi to all of you. And she says that the whole preparation of the meal was fascinating to watch even if she didn't get any of the fresh rosemary. (She likes fresh herbs a lot.) She also says that once I have taken a photo of her of which she approves that I can post it here.

I have learned that I'm usually on to something if the cats are enthralled by the whole process. Not that I haven't made this before. It's just been some time. And I guess that this is what this whole week to date has been about -- rediscovering old friends.


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