Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tough choice

I still haven't been accepting my mother's phone calls. And it's been pretty nice on my end. My dad, on the other hand, is not really feeling it much since it means that she calls him. I think there was once more the offer of money from him if I would resume phone calls with her.

In the past, she has screamed at me that I must always take her calls because one never knows when it will be an emergency. I have always argued that if it's really important, I would find out one way or another. Tonight I received an email from her.

It seems that she learned today that she is in the beginning stages of glaucoma and needs to make some treatment decisions. The diagnosis is not really a surprise. Her maternal grandmother had glaucoma. Her mother has it currently. Over the last couple of years, her optometrist has been monitoring things because he felt that this is where things were heading. So like I said. No surprise.

I know my mother. She is scared and wants someone to tell her that everything will be OK. And to help her to make the decisions. And I will probably do those things. But tonight I'm still tired and just can't do it. And if that makes me a heartless bitch, then so be it.


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