Tuesday, July 7, 2009

She's back

I have been toying for days over a number of posts. And then decided that I was not ready to share that kind of information with the world at large. All I will say on the subject is that I have slipped back into my partygirl ways. And unlike in the past, I just don't feel comfortable in discussing this transgression with everyone. So maybe I have really stopped being that person.

But today is Tuesday. Media day. And so I give you one of my faves from the height of the real partygirl days. Back when I thought it wasn't really a party until I had danced on at least one piece of furniture. Back when I spent late nights hanging with the guys who would one day become Seven Mary Three. Because hey, I'm a band aid. And back in those days it was all about, "I'm with the band."

Sorry about the sucky video. But it's all about the sound. So crank it and find a piece of furniture upon which to dance. Because this week is all about my inner Holly.


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