Monday, August 31, 2009

No food

As I mentioned before, I rarely really leave for lunch. Friday was one of my delivery days -- Indian food. Thing is that the Indian place has a $35 minimum for delivery. So I had to convince the HR person that she wanted Indian on Friday. After her part of the order, I was still left with about $26 worth of Indian food -- naan, chicken tikka masala, lamb korma, and sag paneer. Bottom line is that I was set for food throughout the weekend.

This should have left me free to party. Except I needed to get my hair done. And I showed up on Saturday for what I thought was my appointment to be told that it was too hot to do hair.

In an attempt to redeem my weekend, I headed to the Ann Taylor outlet. Because shopping there can correct so many ills in life. They are having my favorite sale -- buy one item on clearance and get the second clearance item at half price. Except there's almost nothing cute in my size. I did manage to find a dress and a skirt, all for $40.

So I kept trying to tell myself that my new dress was cute enough to compensate for the less than cute hair. But I had too much time at home. And so except for that one outing, I spent my weekend at home.

And I don't want your fucking sympathy. You can stuff that... Well if you know me, then you know where you can put that.

Here's the problem. Somehow I feel alright with writing here while for the most part I'm done with people. Everyone for the most part. Because most of my weekends are spent on my own so why the hell do I need people who aren't there? On any day of the week?

And yeah, I realize that a lot of this comes from the fact that September is quickly approaching. The month of birth of both my aunts and my stepmother. Let's be honest. The coming month is going to be hard as hell for me. And if I can make it through without other people, then so the better for me.


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