Monday, August 10, 2009


As many of y'all know, Maddie and Boy Toy are in town. I met up with them yesterday.

We started with some quick touring around San Francisco. (They had done quite a bit of sightseeing on their own on Saturday.) And then we were off for the real feature of the day -- the Wine Country.

My original plan was that we would hit at least four wineries. I knew this would be a stretch since we also needed to make a stop in Berkeley. We only made it to two wineries -- Viansa and Domaine Carneros. I picked both because I knew that Maddie would love the grounds. The first had the added appeal that they only sell directly from the winery. In other words, you will never see their wines in a store.

As you can guess, we had a lovely time. For me the great part was taking it all in through someone else's eyes. I grew up around all of this and so sometimes take it for granted. That's part of why I started taking the weekend road trips -- so that I can remember and appreciate the beauty and wonders around me. And in true tradition of my weekend outings, I joined. The wine clubs that is. Now I will be receiving shipments from both wineries every other month. I can't wait for my first shipment -- and seeing Maddie and Boy Toy one more time before they head back east.

Oh, and yes there are more photos -- but I think I might just let Maddie post them. If you want to see us enjoying some wine, then check out David's blog if you haven't already.


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