Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Patsy, Patsy and the alleged Saffron

Back in the 90s when I hung out in the Castro on a regular basis, several of my friends proclaimed that I was Patsy. Whenever I heard this, I would whine, "But I want to be Edina." They'd laugh and reply, "Honey, you will never be Edina because you are Patsy." Whatever.

As I have now accepted this as my fate, I usually try to hang out with Edina types -- like Zombie Mom. Every now and then I find myself in the presence of another Patsy though. And two Patsys? Why quadruple the fun -- because we're each double fun on our own.

And so I found myself out at dinner last night with the other Patsy and the one who tries to call himself Saffron. I'm still not sure about the Saffron thing except he does seem to take all that education stuff seriously.

We met up at Puccini & Pinetti, a place I have passed on numerous occasions. (The other contender was First Crush. Oh and don't tell Maddie that the name of the street is Cyril Magnin because he might just start that whole Cecil thing all over again.) Maddie and Boy Toy had looked at the menu before I arrived. I had an advantage over them though having looked it up online. On Tuesday nights there are happy hour prices in the bar until 10 pm. And yes, that would be about the time we left after getting there around 7 pm.

Maddie and I split the calamari as an appetizer.

I went with the braised short ribs as an entree,

Maddie had the pork chop,

and Boy Toy had the lasagna.

And Boy Toy actually tasted the calamari and the pork chop. Apparently this is some kind of major feat.

OK. Maybe I should correct this. I ordered the short ribs and had them for lunch today. Because Maddie and Boy Toy now know the ugly secret of which Zombie Mom is fully aware. If you put alcohol in my stomach before food, I probably will not eat much. If I remember correctly, Zombie Mom put it as, "Now I understand the way of the skinny chicks. You unconsciously make calorie choices." And speaking of Zombie Mom, I wish that she could have made it but it just wasn't in the cards, or the stars, or whatever.

I do know one thing though. I'm going go miss Maddie and Boy Toy when they leave town tomorrow. Of course, then things may finally settle back down in the Castro once more.


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