Monday, August 3, 2009

Taking notes

If you know me well, then you know I love to process stuff. It's just how I work. I hear something, then do some research if necessary, and let it all marinate. Sometimes this is done in a matter of minutes. Other times it can take longer.

I have been reading Dr. Biggles and Chilebrown for quite some time. Problem was that at my apartment, I didn't have any outdoor space -- unless you wanted to count behind the building by the dumpster. Me? I just thought that was disgusting.

In my new home, I do have outdoor space though. (It was one of the must-have's I told my realtor. The list was (1) nice kitchen, (2) outdoor space, (3) hardwood floors, and (4) bathroom with decent tub.) And last week, I finally got a grill -- a real grill in my opinion. Couple that with the fact that my dad has been dumping all of his past bulk shopping on me including a package of baby back ribs and an idea started to form.

I decided that I would give the indirect method a try. When I mentioned this to Uncle Crickity Crack, he mentioned throwing in some wood. And suddenly I could see him sitting around with Biggles and Chilebrown. They'd be discussing grilling techniques while sipping on some nice cold Buds. While I did pick up some wood chips, I decided to wait until the next time to try them out. Baby steps.

Saturday I got the ribs out and applied the rub to the ribs. (And Miss Ginger, you will find the sauce recipe here as well.) Because I have always felt that it's all about the seasoning. Because well-seasoned, well-cooked meat doesn't need sauce.

The ribs just before coming off the grill so that I could start the next batch...

with sauce applied...

and ready to serve.

Now this was a lot of food, especially after I added side dishes. Because y'all know I have some Southern tendencies. So there were deviled eggs to start off with. And mac and cheese, baked beans, potato salad, grilled corn, grilled asparagus, and grilled artichokes. And if you needed something to dip the veggies in, I whipped up an aioli.

So yeah, I asked folks over to join me and was graced with the presence of Zombie Mom, the Commander, Sister Locks, and a woman I met though Zombie Mom, Filmmaker. Even after I insisted that they take plates home, there is still plenty left. Who wants dinner?


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