Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nearly missed

When I asked my dad where he wanted to go for Father's Day, he said, "Pican." I looked them up online, salivated over the menu for a few minutes, and then made the reservation for 1:30.

My father did not foresee the amount of cars that would be on the road and so did not reach the restaurant until almost 2. When I told the hostess that my dad was running late, she informed me that we would not be able to order after 2:15. So yeah, I was a tad bit worried as I sat there waiting for my dad. What would be the contingency plan? I started mentally reviewing what was in my fridge and various recipes that would not take half a day or more but that would still be impressive. But there was no need for the contingency plan.

We were seated and then faced with the task of deciding on what to eat. I half jokingly said that I wanted one of everything on the menu. As you can see, I ended up with the barbecue plate. My dad went with the salmon croquettes with a side of grits. Oh, and I tried their lavender lemon drop for my libation. It was fantastic. My dad said that it was all well worth the drive.

So ladies. Next girls' night?


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