Friday, June 19, 2009

Tonight after work, I headed to the salon for part one of the hair process. That's right. I said, "Part one." As in I will be returning tomorrow for the finish of the 'do. I usually bring my own reading material. Tonight I used the time to catch up on a couple of months worth of cooking magazines. I know. Strange. I usually tear through them as soon as they arrive. Four magazines later, I suddenly feel inspired to cook. Next week.

I knew that I'd be having leftover butter chicken with brown rice but what green stuff as the sag paneer was no more? Also it's been a little warm around here these last few days so I knew that I wanted something kind of refreshing. There were loads of salads in the magazines. I thought I'd do something with the romaine I have in the fridge. And then I saw the photo with the avocado. And I remembered that I had bought some earlier in the week. And there were grapefruit sections. At this point, I briefly thought of Cookiecrumb who taught me that there is actually a term for this -- supreming. Call me weird but I find the whole process to be kind of relaxing.

A quick stop at the grocery store after the salon to pick up butter lettuce and some grapefruit. I supremed a grapefruit. (The rest is in a container in the fridge.) Tossed the leaves in a little walnut oil and sherry vinegar. Chopped up some avocado. Right before eating, I decided to hit it with a little black pepper.

Now I just have to figure out when I'm going to make the mahi mahi with my favorite salsa that involves supremed citrus.


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