Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am still recovering from the DDBW. I have also realized that I did not take a great deal of photos over the weekend. This often happens if I have a cocktail glass in hand. So if y'all want to see photos -- and some fabulous recaps -- go visit Zombie Mom, Beth, Maddie or Mark. Hopefully David's computer issues will be resolved and he will then be able to post all of Howard's fabulous photos. Because Howard is now one of my approved photographers. Along with Zombie Mom. And of course, the fabulous In'Ja. (Ginger, I loved your inclusion of punctuation but I felt it needed to be taken one step further.) Actually if you need a photo taken, you should really contact that In'Ja. I mean she is a world renown joto-phournalist after all.

But I can leave you with these images from Saturday.

And since I didn't take that many photos over the weekend, I guess I could make it up to y'all by sharing photos over the next few days of my personal efforts to stimulate the economy. Because I'm patriotic like that and all. Someone has to do it.


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