Thursday, June 18, 2009

Old favorite

As I slowly phase back into cooking, I figure it's best to stick to tried and true recipes. Especially since I'm getting used to the new kitchen. Don't even ask me about the convection feature on the oven as I have yet to try it out.

So yes, last night after assembling the kitty litter lounges, I forced myself into the kitchen. To be quite honest, if the chicken had not been in the fridge marinating overnight, I probably would have skipped the cooking thing last night. But the chicken had to be cooked. And the consolation was that it actually only involves 15 minutes of cooking with 45 minutes of covered simmering. And the only chopping was the onion. (Silly me forgot to buy yellow onions this weekend so I used the lone red onion in the fridge instead.) Oh, and crushing the cashews. So not that much "hard labor" involved.

I always make this with the meat on the bones since bones add lots of flavor. Toward the end of the simmering, I slowly remove the meat from the bones. Because when I eat, I don't like to have to deal with the bones.

Another one of my weird things. I don't really like rice that much. Except brown rice. So that's what I made to go with the butter chicken. The sag paneer is leftover from Indian takeout I had for lunch earlier in the week.

Non-food related -- Today I ordered my new iPhone. Thanks, Fluffycat for the heads up. I guess this now makes me a member of "I am Apple's whore."


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