Saturday, October 3, 2009

Afternoon at the aquarium

This was inspired by David, Maddie and Boy Toy. Every time I go New York, David and Maddie swear that we are going to the zoo. Here's the problem. They always get dronk and then can't get up until late in the day. So yesterday I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for them.

I timed my arrival to coincide with the last penguin feeding of the day.

I originally took a photo of these lovely creatures but then decided that they really deserved video.


They even had an exhibit of birds that live along the shoreline.

Now I understand why folks rave about the place. And they're really great about emphasizing environmental issues and what each of us can do to make sure that these creatures continue to exist in the wild. For years I have used their Seafood Watch to make dining decisions -- because not all stores color-code their seafood like Andronico's does. And now the list is available as an iPhone app so now I always have it with me.

So yeah, if you haven't guessed, I see more trips to the aquarium in my future.


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