Friday, October 9, 2009

They're not all saints

I remember in my third year of Spanish in high school, one day the teacher called out names of cities in California and asked us to translate the names to English. We thought the ones that started with "San" and "Santa" would be easy. Then he asked us for the translation of "Santa Cruz." Hmmmm. "Saint Cross" just didn't seem right. Then an idea formed in my head and I sheepishly asked, "Holy Cross?" Turns out I was right.

This is what I thought of as I drove along 1 from Marina to Santa Cruz this past Sunday. I hadn't been in Santa Cruz since early childhood and was going there to meet a friend of too many years for lunch. She had emailed me links to several restaurants and after reviewing the links, I settled on Hoffman's Bakery.

There were so many good things on the menu, that we decided that we would each order something different and then split the plates upon arrival.

While we waited for our food, we were given some cranberry scones. They were just right -- not the hard-as-brick things you so often find in bakeries and coffee shops around here.

I ordered the crab melt. It was sooo good. I believe the artichoke was mixed into the crab salad as I couldn't see signs of it anywhere else.

And my friend ordered the eggs Benedict with crab and avocado. I figure you can never go wrong with crab and avocado -- two of my absolute favorite foods -- and they didn't.

We were both full and pleased by the end of the meal. If I find myself in Santa Cruz in the future, Hoffman's would definitely be a stop.


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