Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sticking with it

Today was a bit of a challenge because for the first time this week, I did not bring lunch from home. That meant it was all about trying to make a healthy choice from one of the nearby restaurants.

Now I am a huge fan of the salad bar at Round Table but today salad didn't feel like it would be enough. I started thinking about adding on a personal size cheese pizza so I quickly headed over to the website to check out the nutrition info. Turns out it was around 600 calories. Not bad. And then Fluffycat was kind enough to point out that I could get a veggie pizza. Turns out that it was about the same amount of calories.

One of my coworkers keeps making comments like, "Are you still on that silly diet?" and "How can you not eat meat?"

I know that many don't understand. Let me put it this way. I only have one pair of pants that fit currently. Well, one pair of jeans does too but I can't wear denim to work. I am tired of the contents of my closet mocking me. And hello. I did the huge "let's help the economy" shopping back in May already.

The no meat thing really hasn't been that challenging. I had to point out to my coworker that there are plenty of protein sources other than meat. She's just one of those folks who thinks a meal is not complete if there is no meat on the plate. Next week I'm thinking of adding in fish though.

The other comment from the peanut gallery I received today was, "That pizza has a lot of calories." Guess what? Didn't eat the whole thing for lunch. Half of it's going to be dinner so it really isn't that many calories.

And now that I'm feeling a lot more in control of the food situation, I'm thinking that next week is time to add in the exercise/additional physical activity. It's my hope that by Thanksgiving or so, I can be at a size I'm much more comfortable with.


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