Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making lists

It seems strange but in no time at all it will be the one year anniversary of my moving into my home. I guess it seems strange because there are still a few boxes scattered around -- much to Fluffycat's surprise -- and I have hung absolutely nothing on the walls. As the days have been lengthening, I am finding renewed energy to deal with the last of the boxes. The walls may take a bit longer since I have definite ideas of what I would like to hang. Thing is that not all of these pieces are currently in my possession. One day. Such a cyclical thing. Spring approaches and suddenly I want everything in place.

There hasn't been much going on around here foodwise because let's face it. Food for the goal of weight loss has overall been rather boring. When it isn't boring, it's repetitive -- which I guess can be boring in its own way. So I spend loads of time thinking of things other meals these days.

Like my tiny garden. The first batch of lemons on the dwarf Meyer were about a half inch in length. I kid you not. This next batch is more like two inches are so. Makes me wonder what the next ones that are starting off now will be like. Things are pretty full out on the deck these days but I still toy with getting another dwarf tree. Or perhaps roses. And I have found myself going over the list at Richter's to see if there is anything I may want to order what I will order for delivery in April. (The tree is from Four Winds.)

I have also been pulling out old reference books and notebooks with hopes to getting back into the full swing of things. Funny but as I become more settled, the more I feel the need to return to my spiritual beliefs and rituals. Which of course will lead to all kinds of craft projects as well.

Basically I guess I'm telling y'all that I'm still here. I'm just organizing and doing some minor regrouping so that by Spring I will definitely be on the path of creating more stuff.


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