Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring babies

For some reason, I associate Sunday dinner with roasted stuff. I should have been out grilling again though since it looks like we may be getting rain for most of the coming week.

Roast plus spring adds up to just one thing in my mind -- lamb. I roasted a rack of lamb with garlic and herbs. Rosemary, thyme and Italian parsley if you must know the herbs. In another pan I roasted new red potatoes, baby artichokes and a few baby French carrots. Besides olive oil, some of the lamb drippings were tossed with the veggies as they cooked. To finish it off, a mint pesto because I always want some form of mint with lamb. It started off as a blend of mint leaves, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and red pepper flakes. After blending, I decided that it didn't have enough acid so I added some rice wine vinegar as well.

Boris watched the preparation of the meal quite intently. Per usual, he got none. We did get to greet one of the newer residents of the neighborhood while things were roasting though. Apparently my deck seat is quite the draw for the neighborhood kittens. The kitten got nothing as well. And don't worry. Two cats is my limit.


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